Testimonials from our Customers

Dear Harvard:

I have taken way too long to tell you that I am very happy with the stone that you made for my parents, Jane & Andy Ebelhare. It is so much more their style than the other three. Thank you for working with us on the design. It's quite pretty.


Molly Ebelhare

Hello Barbara —

Sorry for the delay in writing this. I visited my parents' grave last Saturday (Feb. 10) and saw the stone in person. It looks beautiful, so clean and precise. I stopped by your shop on my way home from the cemetery and spoke to a gentleman whose name I promptly forgot. I thanked him for the work and we chatted a bit, mostly about the Eagles! Hopefully he passed my thanks on to you. Seeing the grave finally complete now gives me a bit of closure and the motivation to continue to move on.

Thank you and all your co-workers for the great job and kindness I was hoping for. I'm sure my parents are thanking you too.

Best always,

Joe Giordano