About HC Wood Inc.

Five Generations of Woods, serving the Philadelphia area since 1855

HC Wood Inc. was founded in 1855 by Aaron Wood, great-great-grandfather of the present owner, Harvard C. Wood IV. For over 160 years, the Wood family has been designing and building memorials for the families whose loved ones are resting in hallowed grounds.

In 1855, the Civil War was still in the future, and my great-great-grandfather began carving memorials for the Philadelphia area cemeteries and churchyards.

His name was Aaron Wood, founder of H. C. Wood Memorials. There is something of his that has been passed from generation to generation: his craftmanship, which has been an inspiration to the succeeding four generations of the Wood family. And for over 165 years, we have skillfully carved and engraved the most honored names of our community in stone.

There is no substitute for experience. We have pleased countless families throughout the years, and we understand that a memorial purchase is an unrepeatable event. While I am proud of the ancestry, history and craftmanship of our company, I am most proud of our policies:

  • We do not have aggravating telephone salesmen;
  • We display our memorials in a comfortable setting, clearly marked with their respective prices;
  • Our reputation for honesty and integrity is very well-known, and is our most valuable asset.

Each of these policies is designed to make the selection of a memorial an easy, uneventful task. Our customers over the years have overwhelmingly expressed their approval.

If you are presently considering the purchase of a memorial, permit us to give you some advice: please take your time. Purchases made under the stress of emotion seldom prove satisfactory.

However, when you are ready, please browse our website, or visit the HC Wood showroom, and see for yourself the fruits of five generations of craftmanship and integrity.


Harvard C. Wood IV

Harvard C. Wood IV

Harvard C. Wood III
President, 1982-2015

Harvard C. Wood Jr.
President, 1937-1982

Harvard C. Wood
President, 1894-1937

Aaron Wood, Founder
President, 1855-1894

HC Wood Inc. through the years
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