Founded in 1855 by Aaron Wood, great-grandfather of the present owner, Harvard C. Wood III. For over 150 years the family of HC Wood has been designing and building memorials for the families whose loved ones are resting in hallowed grounds.

A Monument is a Tribute to a Person's Life

It is tradition that every American family will erect a monument to a beloved mother, father, son or daughter. Above all a monument is a tribute to a person's life. It is a symbol of devotion, an expression of the noblest of all human emotions: LOVE. Your family will purchase a monument because there was LIFE – not a death. From a simple marker to an elaborate mausoleum or a delicately carved headstone, our craftsmen and designers will provide the finest in granite, marble or bronze. If a duplicate of an existing stone or an original significant design is required you will find our service unexcelled. Our artisans are skilled in relettering and restoring old and weather-worn memorials.

H.C. Wood can cater to all your memorial needs, be it cemetery, churchyard, garden or commercial. From modest dedication stones, to larger commemorative cast bronze plaques in bas-relief, or sculptured life-size granite.

Five Generations of Woods, serving the Philadelphia area since 1855

Harvard C. Wood IV

Harvard C. Wood III
President, 1982-2015

Harvard C. Wood Jr.
President, 1937-1982

Harvard C. Wood
President, 1894-1937

Aaron Wood, Founder
President, 1855-1894

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